Indian Jaipuri Quilts


Product Code: JO-QLTC-001
Quantity: 4 Pieces
Size:   Std  
Color:   Multi-color


Product Description

Indian Jaipuri Quilts

This Lot of 4 Pieces Jaipuri Quilts will cost: 310.

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Item : Jaipuri Quilts
Color : Multi Colored
Size : 90 X 108 Inches
Fabric : Cotton
Superior quality Cotton Jaipuri Quilts available in 5,10,25, 50 & 100 pieces lots, best buy products for a wholesale lot.

Jaipuri quilts or Rajai are characterized by their feathers like print, weight lightness and warmth.Cotton Quilts are made of hand block printed cotton voile fabric which filled with finely combed superior quality natural cotton. These are available in bright, contemporary and traditional Rajasthani motif prints to fill cheer into dull winters. These very good looking, fluffyhandmade Indian Rajai or quilts are a Specialty of Jaipur as well as ours.

** Color and Design may vary from the actual product.Feel free to contact us we will revert you back ASAP.**


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