Buy Multicolour Silk Thread Bangles


Product Code: JO-FB-016
Quantity: 1 Box
Size:   2.6, 2.8 Inches
Color:   Assorted


Product Description

Buy Multicolour Silk Thread Bangles

Product Specifications:
This is 1 Box = 144 Pieces Bangles Lot.
1 Box – 12 Color – 144 Pieces
Size: 2.4, 2.6, 2.8 Inches

These Exclusive Silk Thread Bangles available in many colors and patterns.This is a fashion-forward designs bangles that look amazing when worn alone or when stacked up your arm in multiple pieces. Make a big splash whenever you slip on these multicolor thread wrapped bangles. Wear it on a beach vacation with all type of dresses which give you incredibly stylish look


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