Rajasthani Sarees Black Cotton Bandhani Dupatta


Product Code: JO-BDST-0012
Quantity: 25 Pieces
Size:   Std
Color:   Assorted Color & Designs


Product Description

Rajasthani Sarees Black Cotton Bandhani Dupatta

This Lot of 25 Pieces Rajasthani Bandhej Dupatta or Stole will cost: $ 182.

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Product Specification
Length: 90 Inches
Width: 40 Inches
Buy Rajasthani handmade tie-dye Bandhej cotton dupatta or Stole from Jaipur Online Shop. Tie and dye traditional Rajasthani Bandhani stole or dupatta have become a fashion statement among the youths. These handmade bandhej dupattas are popular around the globe and most often worn with shalwar kameez.

** Every Lot will contain Bandhej Stole/Dupatta of different colors and designs than shown in the above image.
If you have any query, Feel free to contact us, we will feel pleased to answer all of your queries.**


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