37 inches long silk wrap skirt


Product Code: JO-WSSM-0021
Quantity: 3 Pieces
Size:   37 inches
Color:   Assorted color & design


Product Description

37 inches long silk wrap skirt

This Lot of 3 Pieces Silk Sari Wrap Skirts will cost $44.

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                                                                                        Product Specification
Material: Indian Silk Sari
Fabric Type: Silk
Feature: 100 Ways to Wear, Eco-Friendly, Quick Dry, Machine Wash
Size: Adult Size
Buy A great looking Mini silk wraps skirts from India. This lot has 3 pieces 37 inches long silk wrap skirt. These perfect statement-making funky style comfortable women’s outfit. Available in varied colors and styles to buy in the wholesale lot. These Wrap Skirts can be worn on any beach party and festival. These attires that give you perfect and gorgeous look. It’s available in 3, 5, 10, 20, 25 and 50 pieces Lots.

About Silk Wrap Skirt

The Magic Wrap skirt is constructed from Vintage fabric by the hands of Indian artisans and sometimes may have irregular characteristics such as some slight color variation, spots, stains, small holes, decorative stitching and loose thread in the design of the skirt, These variations in color and stitching only add to the unique true Vintage Sari’s unique beauty, This vintage silk sari magic Skirt with printed design where another side with print you can use 100 ways to dress with on wrap skirt

** Every Lot will contain Wrap Skirts of different colors and designs that showed in the above image. If you have any query, Feel free to contact us, we will feel pleased to answer all of your queries.

**Available length size 9 inch, 12 inches, 15 inches, 17 inches, 23 inches, 27 inches, 34 inches and 37 inches all size has two different sizes Regular and XL.


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