Decorative Ceramic Tiles in Jaipur

Product Code: JO-BPTS-003
Quantity: 300 Pieces (4 x 4 Inches)
Size:   Std
Color:   Assorted Color & Design


Product Description

Decorative Ceramic Tiles in Jaipur

This Wholesale Lot of 300 Pieces Handmade Tiles will cost: $520.

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Item Blue Pottery Tiles
Color : Multi-Color with Assorted Designs
Size : 4 x 4 inches
Amazingly Crafted Decorative Ceramic Tiles in Jaipur With Wonderful Handcrafted Designs & Colors.
Tiles have been used for centuries to create intricate patterned floors and walls.Tiles can be arranged in nearly limitless designs to create unique patterns for bathrooms, kitchen backsplash, patios and just about any other room in your house & hotels.Roof tiles are designed mainly to keep out rain and heat, and are traditionally made from locally available materials such as Clay, granite, terracotta or slate.

Your walls are a reflection of you! Decorate your walls and expand your art collection with Jaipur Online!. Kick your day into gear with our Tiles. You can also find great wall art for your classroom, kid’s room, or nursery. Browse through our wide selection of Tiles and cover all the blank spaces on your walls. Looking to capture that special family vacation, fun day out with your friends, or a special moment with your significant other?

Assorted Color and Designs from the Actual Product Picture.

MOQ is 300Pcs.

Making Time is 30 days for Particular Pieces.

If you have any query Please Feel free to contact us ,we will revert you back ASAP.


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